I'm an avid collector of art books and Disney Animator Dolls. I draw a comic which I distribute for free online. I am also a trained researcher and librarian with her MLS from The University of Iowa.

Here you'll find work in progress, sketchbook practice, humorous items, personal thoughts, and resource links... as well as the occasional post sharing items from my art book collection. Just think of this as a backstage pass into my studio.

Sometimes I gripe and say not-nice things. If that makes you uncomfortable sugar-booger, then this isn't the place for you.
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Sketchbook 2014-4: Page 1
Source: n/a
Media: Cretacolor Monolith pencil, Sharpie pen, Dick Blick colored pencils, white gel pen

A rough idea for the cover of Issue 19. It still needs a bit of work, but the concept seems interesting so… let’s run with it.

I mean aspect. Oops :-P
darcsowers darcsowers Said:

No worries. :D

A mortal with enough power to become a fey? What are you aboit to reveal, my friend? ;-)
darcsowers darcsowers Said:

Crazy, crazy things are in store! ;D


It’s not always what you say…

But also how you say it that defines how a character sounds. Like all things in writing, understanding and executing character voice involves a lot of mistakes and a lot practice. Out of all of the skills you can have as an author, it’s one of…

Issue 18 is finished. Page 24 will go live on the site tomorrow. The cbz will be available for download either tomorrow or Monday.

Today is for cleaning and working up an idea for Issue 19’s cover.

Sketch down. More ice to ink. :D

I’m torn… I planned on doing Issue 18 as a fifty page issue to finish the “Fairy Tale” arc up. Friday’s page is number twenty-four and it’s a perfect spot to wrap up an issue. And I’m itching to do a cover again.

I like the twenty-four page issue format. Even when I’m not trying to, I still end up following the formula. I also like the little thrill of finishing an issue and offering the whole thing as a download. It’s like a mini victory. I need those now and then.

Thing is, I said it would be a large issue and the cover of Issue 18 doesn’t quite match the content. The second bit doesn’t bother me, I’m used to covers that don’t match the inside story. Happens when a cover is done up to six months in advance for Previews. But some people may not feel the same way.

You know something… screw it. It’s my comic, I’ll do as I please.

The power! THE POWER!

Today in 'Code Name: Hunter'

You know what they say about folks with big eyes… that they can see all kinds of things.

Asker fallenfurry Asks:
Hey Darc how are you doing? It's me thefallenfurry and I wa wondering if Alice (Lewis Carroll) fell down the rabbit hole and ended up in the Fey World? Kind Regards The Fallen Furry
darcsowers darcsowers Said:

Hey TheFallenFurry! Hmm… that’s an interesting thought! Wonderland does kind of resemble parts of Fey. Unfortunately, since Alice ate and drank many things while in Wonderland and was still able to leave, I’m guessing no. Unless her return home was just an illusion created by Fey glamour and she’s really still in Wonderland. Oh dear… poor Alice.