I'm an avid collector of books with a growing obsession for Lego minifigures. I draw a comic which I distribute for free online. I am also a trained researcher and librarian with her MLS from The University of Iowa.

Here you'll find work in progress, sketchbook practice, humorous items, personal thoughts, and resource links... as well as the occasional post sharing items from my art book collection. Just think of this as a backstage pass into my studio.

Sometimes I gripe and say not-nice things. If that makes you uncomfortable sugar-booger, then this isn't the place for you.
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You Make Me Smile

Today’s sketchbook scratchings. Have I mentioned how much I love skulls? It’s true. I think skulls are so interesting and beautiful. It’s not a fascination with death or gloomy crap like most people seem to think. I’m amazed by the shapes and forms of them. I know that probably sounds really weird, but I just think they’re cool. They’re fun to draw, too. I remembered the Skulls Unlimited site yesterday and spent this morning poking around it and sketching.

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